February 6, 2023

5 Things to Know About Uplighting

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Paolo Luciano

System Designer

You may have heard the term “uplighting” or even seen uplighting on a neighbor’s property but still aren’t quite sure why or how it is used. Uplighting is an easy way to create depth to your home and landscaping. Often used to elevate the overall appearance of a property, uplighting can create a dramatic look for your home. Learn more about uplighting with these 5 things to know and why you may consider adding this option to your home this year.

Uplighting Fixtures Are Smaller Than You Think

The entire reason behind uplighting your home or landscaping is to illuminate specific areas for easy viewing. This would be pointless if the uplighting fixture itself were large and easily visible. Many uplighting fixtures easily nestle into the ground at the base of the tree, plant, or wall that can be hard to miss if you aren’t looking for them.

Mini "Wash" uplight used for wider spreads. Great for wall washing or facades. Installed in Scarsdale, NY.

Used to Focus On Flowering Trees

Many experts in the outdoor living industry love to use uplighting on trees given their overall size and stature. The vertical space that a tree uses is easily highlighted with an uplight. While you can technically uplight any plant or tree on your property, most uplights are placed at the base of flowering trees that change throughout the seasons. A flowering tree in the spring is just as beautiful in the summer and fall. Even the winter season can showcase the intricate beauty of tree branches that aren’t always visible. 

Uplighting a focal point deciduous statement piece in front of property. Installed in Scarsdale, NY.

Uplighting Creates Seasonal Drama

When used and placed correctly, uplighting landscapes can dramatically change the overall appearance of your home. Springtime often includes delicate buds and flowers, while summer showcases the fullness of shade trees and growth. Fall brings gorgeous colors, and winter shows off the sleeping beauty of the season. Adding this kind of lighting to your property lets you show off the landscape and provide a finished backdrop to any party, family gathering, or celebration.

Focused uplights used to bring out the color of foliage in the fall, while providing a backdrop of evergreens. Installed in Dobbs Ferry, NY.

Available for Both Young and Mature Plants

Some homeowners may believe that uplighting is only beneficial for mature plants, but that isn’t the case. Young or newly planted landscaping can significantly benefit from uplighting to bring together an overall look to your home. While younger plants often require only one uplight, more mature plants and trees may need a few lights per plant to achieve the overall aesthetic.

Various uplighting sizes and wattage to highlight newly installed trees vs larger, more dense and mature perimeter trees. Installed in Greenwich, CT.

Uplighting Isn’t Just for Plants

While many homeowners invest in uplighting for their landscaping, it can also highlight specific areas of the home itself. Dramatic features like columns, peaks, and upper floors can all benefit from well-placed uplighting. Homes with large walls or areas of less detail automatically show depth and size with a perfectly placed uplight.

Whether you already know a little about uplighting or have never heard of it before, these tips can help you decide how your property could benefit from this landscape feature. Uplighting provides depth, highlight, and beauty to your home, landscaping, and overall property throughout every season. 

Core drilled mini-well light installed to highlight texture and color from natural stone. Installed in Greenwich, CT.

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