March 13, 2023

Project and Designer Honored With Designer Spotlight by International Landscape Lighting Institute

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Artie Petroni

Lead Designer

“ What is the name of the project and when was it completed? 

Project Name: Decker Residence

Project Year: Completed Fall 2022

“ What were the challenges you faced in this project? 

I had to figure out how I will introduce elements of design, creating cohesion, combining scenes yet maintaining a naturalistic appearance. My personal challenge for all of my projects is to create an emotional response from all viewing areas for my clients.

Other challenges for my projects are:

  1. Sharing my vision to the customer
  2. Making sure the visual distances are balanced with regards to the overall size of the property
  3. Creating unity and balance between the different lighting scenes with the surrounding landscape as well as taking into account the architecture of their home.
  4. Informing the client that any fixture elimination on their end would sacrifice my overall design. I would explain to them that my fixture count for each lighting scene is what is needed to enhance the overall beauty.
  5. Living in the northeast means my design thought process needs the appropriate lighting techniques to highlight the branch structures for deciduous trees / plants during the winter months. This also allows me to balance deciduous trees and evergreens for the winter months as well.

“ What are some of the solutions you implemented? 

The client believed in me and trusted my design to meet their expectations. Once I had a clear idea of what my clients expected regarding the overall atmosphere, I was then able to create cohesion from one element to another with the understanding of leaf density, light distribution, maturity and height of each specimen tree and shrub. 

“ What is the best feature of the finished project? 


This is a combination of highlighting the stone wall, grasses and deciduous plants while introducing some moonlighting as well.

My overall focus on this lighting scene was to make a new statement when these plants were highlighted in the evening. I wanted to create an emotional response when viewing from the pool patio.


Nominated as a Rising Star by Kichler in 2023, and featured in International Landscape Lighting Institute's designer spotlight, Artie blends practical needs with aesthetic beauty using his unique knowledge with landscape materials to bring our clients a truly emotional experience in each of his projects.

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