Our Mission.

Bring joy to clients by helping them fall in love with their outdoor spaces.

We believe that enjoying nature has a profound and positive effect on the human mind, body, and emotions. We know our clients need a space where they can retreat from work, from the many responsibilities and the countless demands of society. Especially post-pandemic, many have realized just how important their outdoor space is as it may often be the only way to enjoy nature in the day.

Realizing this, our clients come to us for help in creating an outdoor space they can feel happy within - a space where they can breathe deep and relax, or entertain guests; watch the dog run around while their kids play safely; a space they can thoroughly enjoy and share with family and friends, day and night. Our clients come to us to build and support spaces they can fall in love with. That is why we work every day, to help our clients fall in love with their outdoor space each and every time they step outside.

Our Values


Provide the best contractor experience our clients ever had.

We believe that the client’s experience with us begins the moment they call or email. Every aspect of our operation is up for discussion so that every step of your journey can be part of the best experience you’ve ever had with a contractor.


Grow 1% every day.

We believe that the more we learn, the more we realize we know very little. Everything from our core irrigation business, to lighting and entertainment, and even sales and service technology are new frontiers of learning so we invest heavily in training and testing new software to help us help you.


We are accoutable to our clients, to our teammates, and to ourselves.

Our word is our reputation and we strive to keep it impeccable. We deliver on our promises and that manifests in our work and our communication. We are dedicated to the growth of our team and we know we are accountable to them as well, ensuring that if they choose to leave, they leave this company stronger than when they came.

One contractor, for everything outdoors.

We believe the best customer experience means giving you a single contractor to create the outdoor space of your dreams.