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At National Lawn Sprinklers, we understand that water is a very precious resource. The tips listed below will help you water more efficiently and responsibly.

  • Keep the soil consistently moist but not wet. This eliminates runoff, and ensures your plants a steady supply of water.
  • Do not water at night - water will sit on the lawn and may cause disease.
  • Water early in the morning - evaporation is minimized and the lawn utilizes the most water.
  • When programming your irrigation timer, adjust the run times and frequency of watering based on local weather conditions, seasonal changes and watering needs of your landscape.
  • Install a rain sensor - it will prevent the system from running during rain event.
  • Use drip irrigation in flower beds - it saves substantial amounts of water.
  • Reduce the run times for zones in the shade.
  • Install Hunter Solar-Sync. This will provide automated daily adjustment to program run times applying only the water needed for each day.
  • Sharpen your mower blade sharp blades are easier on the grass and save water.
  • De-thatch your lawn water will get to the roots faster and evaporate less.
  • Aerate your lawn it prevents soil compaction and improves water infiltration rates.
  • In hot weather, keep the grass taller this will help reduce the soils exposure to the sun and allow the soil to hold onto the moisture for a longer period of time.
  • Keep plants with different watering needs on different zones trees vs. lawn etc
  • Mulch flowerbeds and trees using 2-4 inches improves water penetration while controlling weeds that compete for water.
  • Know your soil type the three basic types: sand, loam, and clay require different watering schedules for optimal results.
  • Inspect your irrigation system monthly for leaks, clogged or broken sprinkler heads and other problems.