Does your lawn have brown spots? If it does it might be a sign your irrigation system needs repairs. When repairs need to be made, we will ask for your prior approval. If you are considering changing your landscape, it is important to consider changes to your irrigation system. Sometimes relocating trees or shrubs will require changing or moving sprinkler heads to more effectively water your new landscape. In addition, if you have had your irrigation system for a number of years you may want to consider a tune-up. As your landscape grows, heads may need to be adjusted or relocated in order to ensure your entire yard is effectively watered. It is important to remember to protect your landscape investment with an adequate irrigation system.

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Spring Start-Up


  • Reseal all drain valves and plugs
  • Open the shut off valves and slowly fill the mains
  • Check the entire main for leaks or damage
  • Check each individual zone and adjust heads for proper operation and coverage
  • Check and adjust the automatic rain sensor for proper operation
  • Reset the control timer for required settings for the spring season
  • Summer Inspection


  • Adjustments will be made based on changes in shrub growth or varying weather conditions
  • Main and lateral lines will be inspected for leaks
  • Check each individual zone and adjust heads for proper operation and coverage
  • Check and adjust the automatic rain sensor(s) for proper operation
  • Winterization


  • Close down all water sources to the irrigation system only
  • All drain valves and drain plugs will be opened
  • All main lines, valves, lateral lines and heads will be blown out with compressed air.
  • The lines will be flushed with air until completely empty
  • Control timers will be set in the rest position

  • We carry advanced wire tracing and detecting equipment to find lost valves, repair broken subsurface wires, and trace mainlines. We also have sophisticated equipment that gives us the ability to replace broken lines under driveways, sidewalks, and parking areas in most cases.

    With factory trained service personnel, warranty related or non-warranty related problems can be fixed quickly. Whether its a scheduled service call, or a mid-season emergency, our service personnel at National Lawn Sprinklers, Inc. are here to exceed your expectationsp.