An automatic sprinkler system is one of the best investments you can make in your home. It provides you with a healthy and beautiful landscape, saves you money, and frees up your time to engage in the activities you truly enjoy.

Planning a short summer getaway? Worried about who will water the lawn? No problem, your automatic sprinkler system will precisely apply the correct amount of water needed for your lawn and garden during the hot summer days. A rain sensor to your irrigation system will keep it from running during rain events.

Our qualified irrigation staff will provide you with an installation quote and a full presentation package. The materials we use are supplied by leading manufacturers like Hunter, Rain Bird and Toro. They are of pop-up design and retract in the ground (out of sight) when not operating. The system is fully automatic and is equipped with a multi-function timer.


After meeting with you and discussing your irrigation needs and concerns, we will design the correct irrigation system for your project. As a part of our planning process, we will:

  • Check your projects service meter size and obtain the static water pressure from the municipality
  • Calculate friction loss in order to make correct pipe sizing selections and
  • Review basic hydraulics to determine the correct number of valves and branch lines
  • Products

    We use the finest quality products and select the proper sprinkler heads based on the following factors:

  • Size and shape of areas to be watered
  • Types of plant life and soil conditions on the project site;
  • Your budget and preferences for the various pop-up sprinklers, rotating sprinklers, bubblers and drip irrigation devices available
  • Installation

    Proper installation will ensure correct system performance, reliability, and durability. During installation we will:

  • Meet all local backflow preventor codes
  • Leave each project site clean and orderly when the system is completed or at the end of each day where the job requires more than one day to complete
  • full demonstration of equipment upon completion
  • Service

    Our service to you will include:

  • Your approval prior to any work being performed
  • Prompt reply to all your inquiries
  • A full maintenance program to include a spring activation and annual blowout to protect your system from freezing damage.
  • Warranty

    All of our irrigation systems are backed by a two year warranty on all workmanship. National Lawn Sprinklers, Inc. will be responsible for the warranty obligation and we can be reached at the following numbers 914-946-6666 or 203-662-6666 or by emailing us at